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d ] VA - The Best Of Disco House-2CD-2018
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01. Show Me Love 2015 (Slideback Remix Edit) - Sean Finn

02. Rhythm Is A Dancer (Bernd Loorbach Remix) - Damon Paul Feat

03. Send Me An Angel (R.I.C.K

04. Happiness (Timeless Radio Mix) - Horny United Pres

05. What A Feeling (Radio Edit) - Andrew Spencer

06. Hold That Sucker Down (Original Radio Mix) - Jason Parker Meets Naxwell Fea

07. Happy Children (Radio Version) - Dj A.n.d.y

08. Better World (Matvey Emerson Radio Remix) - Jim Tonique & Patrick Bryze

09. Headshotz Buckstop (Guenta K Edit) - Tomsta & Martin Van Lectro

10. Jack Your Body 2k15 (Rick Lee Remix) - Bootleggers International

11. Live Your Life (Radio Edit) - Alessio Pras Feat

12. You (Radio Edit) - Manuel Lauren

13. Get Down (Original Mix Edit) - John Fish

14. (i Will) Always Love You (Chris Oldman Remix) - Patricio Amc

15. Muscles (Radio Edit) - Cyril G

16. You Rock My World (Tarabass Dance Remix Edit) - Xtance Feat

17. X-ray (Philip Larson Radio Club Mix) - Hella Donna

18. Dance With Me (Pulsedriver Remix Edit) - Ramba Zamba

19. Move Your Body 2k15 (Club Edit) - Marc Reason & Tom Belmond Feat

20. Feel Alive (Club Mix) - Avari


01. Never Gonna Give You Up (sweet Sensation) (Radio Mix) - Lexter

02. Asap (Radio Mix) - Jenifer Brening

03. Shut Up (Jason Parker meets NaXwell Remix Edit) - Guenta K & Andy Ztoned

04. Let It Go (Original Edit) - Alex M.

05. Dance Into The Night (Original Version) - Project Blue Sun Feat

06. Stronger Together (Michael Fall Radio Remix) - Linda Jo Rizzo Feat

07. Feel This (Radio Edit) - Deep Chase

08. Move It Mommy (Ghetto Mix Edit) - Experience Of Music Feat

09. Love Is The Cure (Norm Vork Remix Edit) - Coca Dillaz Feat

10. Don't You Mind (No One Remix Edit) - Joe Manina & Alex Tone

11. Maniac (MNS & Selecta Remix Edit) - Diskotek & Side-b Feat

12. This Is Human (Radio Mix) - Mark Main & Simeon Feat

13. Hard 2 Luv U (Short Mix) - Modana

14. Heat (turn Me On) (Radio Edit) - Marc Lime & K Bastian Feat

15. Born To Party (Natty Rico Edit) - Richard Kah

16. The Good Things (Club Edit) - Eric Boy Feat

17. Boom Boom Boom (Ste Ingham Remix Edit) - Nick Skitz

18. The Music Is Movin' (VIP Version) - Fargetta & Carlo Astuti

19. Deep Down Below (Chris Excess Remix Edit) - Frozen Skies Feat

20. Salvation (MD Electro & Shaun Bate Remix Edit) - Basslovers United & Combinatio

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icon CD1/01. Sean Finn - Show Me Love 2015 (Slideback Remix Edit).mp37.2 MB
icon CD1/02. Damon Paul - Rhythm Is a Dancer (Bernd Loorbach Remix).mp39.5 MB
icon CD1/03. Higheffect - Send Me an Angel (R.I.C.K. Sunday Morning Mix).mp314.9 MB
icon CD1/04. Horny United - Happiness (Feat. Irvin Doomes) (Timeless Radio Mix).mp38.3 MB
icon CD1/05. Andrew Spencer - What A Feeling (Radio Edit).mp39 MB
icon CD1/06. Jason Parker Meets Naxwell Fea - Hold That Sucker Down (Original Radio Mix).mp38.5 MB
icon CD1/07. Dj A.n.d.y. - Happy Children (Radio Version).mp37.4 MB
icon CD1/08. Jim Tonique & Patrick Bryze - Better World (Matvey Emerson Radio Remix).mp37.7 MB
icon CD1/09. Tomsta - Headshotz Buckstop (Guenta K. Edit).mp36.9 MB
icon CD1/10. Bootleggers International - Jack Your Body 2k15 (Rick Lee Remix).mp39.3 MB
icon CD1/11. Alessio Pras - Live Your Life (Radio Edit).mp39.2 MB
icon CD1/12. Manuel Lauren - You (Radio Edit).mp37.1 MB
icon CD1/13. John Fish - Get Down (Original Mix).mp311.7 MB
icon CD1/14. Patricio AMC - (I Will) Always Love You (Chris Oldman Remix).mp39.4 MB
icon CD1/15. Cyril G. - Muscles (Radio Edit).mp37.5 MB
icon CD1/16. Xtance - You Rock My World (Tarabass Dance Remix Edit).mp37.5 MB
icon CD1/17. Hella Donna - X-ray (Philip Larson Radio Club Mix).mp38.7 MB
icon CD1/18. Ramba Zamba - Dance With Me (Pulsedriver Remix Edit).mp36.4 MB
icon CD1/19. Marc Reason & Tom Belmond - Move Your Body 2k15 (ft. Anticappella) (Club Edit).mp39.5 MB
icon CD1/20. Avari - Feel Alive (Club Mix).mp310.1 MB
icon CD2/01. Lexter - Never Gonna Give You up (Sweet Sensation) (Radio Mix).mp38.4 MB
icon CD2/02. Jenifer Brening - Asap (Radio Mix).mp37.7 MB
icon CD2/03. Guenta K & Andy Ztoned - Shut Up (Jason Parker meets NaXwell Remix Edit).mp37.8 MB
icon CD2/04. Alex M. - Let It Go (Original Edit).mp38.7 MB
icon CD2/05. Project Blue Sun - Dance Into The Night (Original Version).mp310.1 MB
icon CD2/06. Linda Jo Rizzo - Stronger Together (Michael Fall Radio Remix).mp38.3 MB
icon CD2/07. Deep Chase - Feel This (Radio Edit).mp38.3 MB
icon CD2/08. Experience Of Music - Move It Mommy (Ghetto Mix Edit).mp38.2 MB
icon CD2/09. Coca Dillaz - Love Is The Cure (Norm Vork Remix Edit).mp310.5 MB
icon CD2/10. Joe Manina & Alex Tone - Don't You Mind (No One Remix Edit).mp38.5 MB
icon CD2/11. Diskotek & Side-b - Maniac (MNS & Selecta Remix Edit).mp38.4 MB
icon CD2/12. Mark Main & Simeon - This Is Human (Radio Mix).mp39.1 MB
icon CD2/13. Modana - Hard 2 Luv U (Short Mix).mp37.1 MB
icon CD2/14. Marc Lime & K Bastian feat Captain Hollywood - Heat (Turn Me On) (Radio Edit).mp38.5 MB
icon CD2/15. Richard Kah - Born To Party (Natty Rico Edit).mp37.8 MB
icon CD2/16. Eric Boy - The Good Things (Club Edit).mp38.2 MB
icon CD2/17. Nick Skitz - Boom Boom Boom (Ste Ingham Remix Edit).mp38.2 MB
icon CD2/18. Fargetta & Carlo Astuti - The Music Is Movin' (VIP Version).mp36.8 MB
icon CD2/19. Frozen Skies - Deep Down Below (Chris Excess Remix Edit).mp39.2 MB
icon CD2/20. Basslovers United & Combinatio - Salvation (MD Electro & Shaun Bate Remix Edit).mp39.2 MB
icon VA - The Best Of Disco House-2CD-2018.jpg164.4 KB
icon VA - The Best Of Disco House-2CD-2018.nfo2.4 KB