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Rock Ballads from ALEXnROCK part 2 MP3
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icon 000 Cover.jpg251.5 KB
icon 041 Mr. Big - If That's What It Takes.mp311 MB
icon 042 Scorpions - Send Me An Angel.mp310.6 MB
icon 043 Aerosmith - Hole In My Soul.mp314.2 MB
icon 044 Cinderella - Coming Home.mp311.4 MB
icon 045 Guns N' Roses - November Rain.mp320.5 MB
icon 046 Europe - I'll Cry For You.mp312.3 MB
icon 047 Kingdom Come - Twilight Cruiser.mp315 MB
icon 048 Nickelback - Photograph.mp310 MB
icon 049 ZZ Top - Rough Boy.mp311.1 MB
icon 050 Skid Row - In A Darkened Room.mp39.1 MB
icon 051 The Cult - Heart Of Soul.mp310.5 MB
icon 052 Dire Straits - Sultans Of Swing.mp313.3 MB
icon 053 Thunder - Love Walked In.mp314.7 MB
icon 054 Bon Jovi - Save The World.mp312.7 MB
icon 055 Mr. Big - Wild World.mp38 MB
icon 056 Axel Rudi Pell - All The Rest Of My Life.mp318.5 MB
icon 057 Def Leppard - From The Inside.mp39.8 MB
icon 058 Firehouse - Hold The Dream.mp311.6 MB
icon 059 Сектор Газа - Сожжённая ведьма.mp312.9 MB
icon 060 Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne - Close My Eyes Forever.mp310.9 MB
icon 061 Aerosmith - Angel.mp311.8 MB
icon 062 Extreme - More Than Words.mp312.8 MB
icon 063 Ozzy Osbourne - Dreamer.mp311 MB
icon 064 Bryan Adams - Vanishing.mp311.7 MB
icon 065 Bon Jovi - My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms.mp313.1 MB
icon 066 Guns N' Roses - Civil War.mp317.7 MB
icon 067 Bonfire - Give it a try.mp310.4 MB
icon 068 Nickelback - Rockstar.mp39.9 MB
icon 069 Joe Satriani - Friends.mp38.1 MB
icon 070 Whitesnake - Sailing Ships.mp313.9 MB
icon 071 Scorpions - Believe In Love.mp311.3 MB
icon 072 Cinderella - Hard To Find The Words.mp313.3 MB
icon 073 Europe - In My Time.mp314.4 MB
icon 074 Joe Lynn Turner - Love Is on Our Side.mp310.8 MB
icon 075 Steelheart - She's Gone (Lady).mp315 MB
icon 076 Bon Jovi - These Days.mp314.9 MB
icon 077 Guns N' Roses - Patience.mp313.7 MB
icon 078 Danger Danger - Feels Like Love.mp311.2 MB
icon 079 Kingdom Come - Janine.mp310.1 MB
icon 080 Deep Purple - King Of Dreams.mp312.5 MB
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